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Participation? Run!!

Hi Everyone,

I will try to be as short as my laptop’s battery will allows me, as my charger broke down this morning, and I don’t know what a Blogger like me will do without using his own laptop, my assignment for tonight is to find a computer shop or whatever to buy a new one!

I wanted to comment on what happened on that workshop of the ALF Blogger Network; we were sitting Me, Stephane, Majd, Carmel and Bahz. Then Xavi tried to explain to the people that he will divide them into small groups, and every group will share with us their ideas and thoughts about social media; trying to express their own opinion in both its opportunities and challenges.

9 Persons, that’s was the number or more that ran outside of the room, in a funny shocking way that kept us laughing, okay Xavi stop them! But he was brave enough to prove that this idea of participation is not a movie that you can watch, or a nice show you can laugh or comment on it, but no, it’s a game, that you have to be part of it, and to play it goes.

After the workshop and the live demo on how to become a blogger, I told them that I’m happy with the people who stayed, and for the guys that ran out of the room when they heard the word participation! Come on! Nothing is impossible until proven wrong!


Be Active,

Get Involved.

Keep Safe and Brave!

Mohamed Ezz Aldin (Egypt)

March 6, 2010 at 7:49 pm 1 comment



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