Lets Blog for Intercultural Dialogue

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Lets Blog!!!

How to become a BLOGGER ?

The room was full of people , interested to know about blogging , The Anna Lindh bloggers network, blogging and inter-cultural dialogue , and who’s better than our trainer Xavier to lead this workshop.

The Anna Lindh foundation has organized a training the last July on Blogging for Inter-cultural dialogue, the training took place in an amazing place in Luxembourg , and our workshop was about the training mainly , but Xavier as he always surprise us and the audience he thought involving the audience in the workshop will create a space of interaction , some people start to leave the room, basically because the don’t want to be involve in the working groups , but we had lots of interested people who stayed to participate in the working group

i think this brought to my mind the question , why we’re used to a certain way of education , to be receive without interaction , we’re used to the type of education that doesnt involve the audience so i think thats why many people left when they knew that we’re involving the audience.

The participants were divided to small groups and they start discussing the challenges and the opportunities in the social media specially blogging. the bloggers facilitate the discussion within each group , many essential points have been raised. why we should blog , and what challenge we’re facing as social media users .

Many challenges focused on the freedom of expression in many countries that band the access to information and the access to the social networks , many bloggers were arrested for bloohing on political issues ( especially in the Arab countries ).

Many people saw the social networks as a space for freedom of expression, a space of reaching the others , a space of inter-cultural dialogue .

In a creative way we started a blog for the group and we call it Room 127 ( the room where our workshop took place ) and we involve the participants in the blogging world and we wrote a blog on the findings of the working groups on the opportunities and the challenges facing the social networking.

we expect an amazing interaction and involvement of the participants in the social networking world , many people express their welling to start blogging 😀

Majd Beltaji

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