Oppertunities and challanges of social media and blogs

March 5, 2010 at 7:45 pm 1 comment

We are live blogging from room 127 where blogging toolkit is being discussed, but bloggers are not people who stay up on a stage, we turned the entire audience into bloggers and we thought together in small groups about the topic. this is what we´re saying.

let us start with the challanges:

security and confidentiality is an issue faced by the bloggers in the society they live in, cenzorship etc. for some bloggers it´s not safe to blog. the online space can facilitate dialog but some bloggers are taking a risk by actually meeting fellow blogger friends from conflicted countries.

it´s hard to establish a blogging persona and trademarke yourself, as well as connecting to a network of bloggers and finding your place in the blogosphere. it´s challenging to extend the age group of bloggers and get other audiences to engage in blogging.

training and access needs to be provided to be able to blog.

challanges originate from blog consumption too, for instance time to read the blogs or they could be an echo chamber of preeching to the choir…also, it´s hard to create a community and readership to your blog and most audience still rely on mass media and find it hard to consume new media as primary source.

blogs can serve as a negative tool when they continuiously confirm a narrative or an agenda and thier credibility could be challanged since we don´t know who the blogger really is.

blogging misses a part of human expirience: reading about someone getting shot is different than being in a conflict area, we´re misisng part of the emotions involved and the tools needed to understand the other´s expirience.

after we discouraged you, here are some oppertunities to cheer you up:

first, it´s low cost and allows you to publish immediatly!

when you talk you don´t reflect but when you write you´re forced to organise your thoughts. so blogging creates opinion leaders and help people develop leadership skills.

blogs are oppertunity to spread information by insiders directly from the scene. blogs are dynamic and you have the oppertunity to follow an event as it evolvs, live.

a blog is a way to market yourself and spread your message without spending money on advertising material, identify new targets for your projects, etc.

the fact that we got narrow-agnda bloggers could be a virtue to identify the threats we´re trying to fight, see how xenophobia and raceism operate, learn from the agenda bloggers…

building a network of bloggers and keeping in touch in real life and beyond the blog.

blogging helps us develop our communication skills.

blogs can bring social change and we´ve got examples form around the world. we can coordinate actions through blogs.

the anonimity of social media ensures the safety of expression for all the people, this media enpowers youth to express thier opinions as well as provide a platform for fundraising for charity.

thank you all for tunning in, we intend to publish our toolkit soon and your input will be in it!

summed up live by Carmel Vaisman


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The Veiled Muslim Bogeygirl Plenary 2: Contribution to a Euro-Mediterranean Intercultural Startegy: The Role of Anna Lindh Foundation

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  • 1. Xavier Baró  |  March 6, 2010 at 11:31 am

    That’s an impressive work of the representatives of the EuroMed civil society.
    and it raises still more questions (what is even more interesting!)

    Mine comes in terms of the limits between freedom of speech and personal safety.

    Seems that in a number of countries those bloggers promoting democracy, peace, human rights and intercultural dialogue have more to fear from restrictions of their freedom of speech than those hate speech bloggers…



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